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The Big Infinite Plays at Sunsets on the Boulevard August 17

On August 17th grab the family, bring your chairs and blankets to the Boulevard. Relax and enjoy some great music as the sun sets in Harford County. The free music will start at 6:00pm. Their will balloon creations and facepainting free for the kids, provided by Rebecca Overman of Extreme Family Entertainment.
For the first time at Sunsets on the Boulevard we are excited to be welcoming The Big Infinite to our stage. They will be performing a mix of their own songs and your favorite “feel good” summertime covers from Bob Marley, Jack Johnson, Sublime, Jimmy Buffet, etc. If you have had the pleasure of seeing them concert you know they are a band that delivers big sound, but more than that they are a band with a mission. We are also welcoming Shea Winpigler to the stage for the first time as well, she has performed at venues throughout Maryland and DC, accompaning her stage will be Nicholas Taylor.

Shea Winpigler – Nicholas Taylor

Shea is a Maryland musician with her roots in soul, pop, R&B, and folk. She grew up on the soul singers of the sixties and brings her own unique, old-soul flavor to the world of music. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter is just beginning to dive into the world of gigging, having performed at the Cherry Blossom Festival, New York Fashion Week, This Is My Brave Baltimore and The Nickerson-Rossi Dance company in 2018 thus far. Along with Shea, we welcome Nicholas Taylor, a 20-year-old musician, and singer-songwriter. Shea and Nick have known each other their entire lives. The Jefferson, Md, native and UMBC student has big hopes for music in the coming years as he starts showing off his skills and Modest Mouse, folk-inspired music to any and all who will listen.

Find out a little more about Shea.

IMG_20180723_205840_399Shea Winpigler and Nicholas Taylor.


The Big Infinite

A band who’s songwriting and touring efforts serve a singular purpose – “to cast light upon the noise in our own heads and connect with others struggling with mental health”. This became clear to the band following the tragic suicide of Jordan Lally’s father in 2014. At the time the band was performing and touring as Fiction 20 Down. Ed Lally was not only Jordan’s beloved father, but also a dear friend to the entire band and an ardent supporter of their musical endeavors. Following Ed’s passing, the band took a hiatus to focus inward and begin to heal. When they reconvened, they dedicated themselves and their newly impassioned music to raising awareness for mental illness and promoting mental health through meditation, via a partnership with the Ed Lally Foundation (for more information about the Foundation please see below). Jordan’s quest for peace had yielded a newly unfiltered artistic expression, with lyrics that were unabashedly honest and vocals steeped from raw passion. As DJ and Dre began jamming on the new material, their musicianship took on new life. Without intention, the guys began to experiment with broader dynamics and explore different instrumentation. Effortlessly and organically, an entirely new sound emerged. Continuing as Fiction 20 Down no longer felt appropriate. The decision was clear that a new band had evolved. Thus was the genesis of The Big Infinite.

The Big Infinite reinvention had repercussions reaching far beyond the band’s music. Their approach to their art and their very mission changed.
“The Big Infinite is a band who has found our purpose. By casting light upon the noise in our own heads, we will connect with others who struggle. Our songs and shows will bridge that connection, while our partnership with the Ed Lally Foundation fosters it further.”

big infinite-webThe Big Infinite is Dj Fritzges (bass), Dre Toney (drums) and Jordan Lally (vocals). For music & more information, please visit

Come on out and join us for this family-friendly event!

The event will be held between JCPenney and Wegmans. Arrive a little early and grab a bite from one our restaurants. We have Lemom N Ginger, OC Brewing, Panera, Subway and for a tasty summer treat stop by Menchies.

* 6:00pm: Eric Bach
* 7:00pm – 9:00pm: The Big Infinite


About The Ed Lally Foundation

In 2011, Jordan Lally, DJ Fritzges and Dre Toney began playing music together as Fiction 20 Down. Their first 4 years together were a whirlwind of national tours, studio productions and music video shoots. Along the way they accumulated numerous awards, and even charted on iTunes. Fiction 20 Down was establishing a name for themselves and creating buzz within the music industry when suddenly, everything came to a halt.

The band was on tour in Florida in 2014 when the band’s singer-songwriter Jordan received a life altering phone call. His father, Ed Lally, had been struggling with clinical depression and his battle had culminated in suicide.
Fiction 20 Down took a self-imposed hiatus from music. During the time off, Jordan experienced a profound catharsis. Processing his father’s struggles with mental illness along with his own, he dedicated himself to the practice of meditation. Out of that catharsis rose the Ed Lally Foundation and they began their mission.

Ed Lally Foundation Mission:

To raise awareness for mental illness and promote mental health through meditation and associated practices.

The Ed Lally Foundation was established in 2014 to raise awareness for mental illness and to promote meditation and other alternative mental health solutions.

File Jul 11, 5 03 14 PM“As a family, we walked hand in hand with my beloved father Ed Lally as he suffered through multiple bouts of clinical depression – the last of which ended in suicide. We know first hand the pain and destruction that this disease carries with it. We endeavor to provide a glimmer of hope to those afflicted with mental illness, and the families in the same shoes we were once in.” -Jordan Lally

If you would like to find out more or make a donation please visit them online.

Please no alcohol, glass bottles or pets. Blankets and chairs are recommended. Food and drinks are available for purchase at local merchants. Please make sure you leave plenty of time to find parking. The concert may be canceled due to inclement or severe weather.

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